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Acupuncture by naturaldsm
April 25, 2006, 3:36 pm
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Last week, I had my first acupuncture appointment with Abby Miller. You must go call her right now and make an appointment. 277-9998. Go on, I’ll wait.

OK, ready to keep reading?

I won’t pretend that I’ve ever bought into the whole qi thing. I took Tai Chi in college and nearly snorted out loud when the instructor told us to never let our fingers point down towards the floor or the qi would fall off. Or something like that. Hey, it was ten years ago, you’re lucky I even remember I took Tai Chi in college. I’ve had a hard time taking the concept seriously ever since. But somehow, I can completely believe that acupuncture will help with my seasonal allergies, which is why I was there.

My appointment started with a casual chat with Abby about the supplements I was currently taking, my current health status, and personal information such as how much stress I’m under (plenty). Abby went over each of the supplement bottles I’d brought with me, asking why I was taking it, if I thought it was doing any good, etc. After all that, she complimented me on assembling a pretty good line-up of supplements all on my own.

Then she had me put on an organic cotton robe and hop up on her comfy table. She examined my tongue and mentioned that I had a lot of heat. This would become a recurring theme during the rest of my visit – too much heat. She suggested I stop taking the ginger supplements and see if that helped, in addition to drinking more water and consuming cool, watery foods like cucumber, seaweed, celery, etc. (I also found a list online of cool foods I could eat – Barley, millet, buckwheat, greenbean, coix seed, celery, spinach, lettuce, green cabbage stems, turnips (white), bamboo shoot, lily bulb, lotus root, eggplant, tomato, water melon, white gourd, sponge gourd, cucumber, bitter melon, apple, pear, orange, banana, rabbit's meat, frog's meat, duck's meat, duck's egg, crab, sea couch(es), fresh water snail, kelp, laver, green tea, soy sauce, table salt, rock candy. ha ha. rock candy. Well, it sounds yummier than sea couch.)

After she inserted the needles – which was generally quite painless – Abby left me alone to relax. Which is hard for me in the middle of the day, I’ll be honest. She checked back with me a few times, then returned to remove the needles. We spoke a bit more about my heat – including the fact that I seem to be hot most of the time, but more so at night – and she said that I am Yin Depleted. Hm.

She also thought that acupuncture could definitely help the allergies. To be honest, when she returned to remove the needles, I could already breathe better and my lungs felt much more open than they had felt in weeks. I’m willing to give it a try, so I’ll be returning in a few weeks.

But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how much I enjoyed Abby herself. She’s just who she is, no apologies, no pretension. She was very open and friendly, and put me at ease immediately. Very professional, but also laid back and friendly. I think I made an excellent choice in Abby! (Thanks to Cosette Boone and Ericka Archer for the recommendation!)

(I found a few articles on depleted yin here and here)


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