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Spotlight on: Holistic Moms Network by naturaldsm
September 24, 2006, 4:01 pm
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Every few months, Natural Living Des Moines turns its spotlight on a local group. This month, our spotlight shines on the Holistic Moms Network (HMN). Laura Hanna-Bergen, one of the founders and leaders of the group, shares her thoughts on Holistic Moms Network in this Question-And-Answer session.

Could you tell me a little about the history of HMN?
The website has a complete overview of its history. What I do know is that it was begun by a few women who started out as a support group for VBACs in New Jersey. Since 2002, it has flourished and groups are popping up all over the nation. The first Des Moines Chapter Meeting was held in April of 2005.

How would you characterize the local group?
I’d like to think of our group as a bunch of open-minded women who want to know as much about parenting their children as possible.

Who would be interested in HMN? What types of people typically attend HMN events?
I think any person could be interested in what HMN has to offer. We try to welcome everyone. Mothers of small children make up a majority of our members.

What is a typical meeting like?
Typically we start each meeting with an “ice-breaker” and have a scheduled topic each month with a speaker or discussion topic. There is always time allowed for people to talk and connect with each other. Children are welcome at meetings.

What about holistic dads?
Holistic dads are always welcome at our meetings and functions, except “mom’s night out.” 🙂

What does it mean to be “holistic”?
To me, holistic is being self, environmentally, and spiritually aware.

How much is a membership? Do you have to be a member to attend meetings?
Annual membership for one person is $35 and $50 for a family. Membership is not required for participation in monthly meetings or events. It is, however, encouraged by national leadership.

What other activities is HMN involved in?

HMN supports other groups viewed as “holistic” and sponsorship is an option within our group. National sponsors include Mothering Magazine, among others. HMN was involved in the Natural Living Expo this year.

What else do you want to share about HMN?
HMN is a group that provides many benefits. We have an online group that connects members from all over the USA, playgroups, mom’s night out, book club, and we plan family outings.


Thanks to Laura for sharing her time in this interview!

The Holistic Moms Network meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 6:30 at the Downtown Library.


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