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October 20, 2006, 3:50 pm
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Money, Money, Money


Does money corrupt? Perhaps, perhaps not. I think it does, but not in the way that is commonly thought.


Consider for a moment volunteer work. Those of you who have done volunteer work in the past – or who work voluntarily on a regular basis – will understand what I mean. Labor that is performed for free is generally performed for its intrinsic value, for the joy of providing a service. Those who volunteer truly want to help.


Now consider your daily job. Something you do, usually daily, and which you are paid for. Why is this labor performed? For the joy of it? For its intrinsic value? No, usually this work is performed to earn the money that pays our bills and buys us stuff. Thus, the focus changes – sometimes very slightly, sometimes very obviously – from the task itself, and the joy to be found within it, to the reward. There is no longer any great care for the providing of a service, but there is great care for maintaining and increasing the reward.


When I first created the Natural Living Des Moines website, I wanted to create a place that would help my friends and acquaintances exchange information about natural healthcare providers, local sources for natural products, and where to find people with similar interests. It was – and is – a joy to maintain. Every once in a while, someone mentions that a friend had sent them to this website they were amazed at the number of resources available in Des Moines. This is also a great joy.


NLDM is a service performed for its intrinsic value, for the joy of it. It is for these reasons and many others that Natural Living Des Moines is, and will always remain, a nonprofit venture.


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I am so thankful for your site…I send people to it all the time.

Comment by Sara

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