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No Poo (that’s shampoo) by naturaldsm
December 20, 2006, 4:23 pm
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I have not shampooed my hair for about 3 years. Yep, it’s true. But if you saw me, you probably wouldn’t notice.

Sound gross? It’s not! I actually have a very clean scalp and very clean, healthy hair. How? I wash my scalp and hair with baking soda. Interested? Keep reading.

Why Ditch the Shampoo?
The real goal in hair washing is to get the scalp clean, and manage hair oils. We’ll talk about the specifics of how the “no poo” method accomplishes these goals in a minute. But first, let’s consider how shampoo works. Traditional shampoos strip hair of natural oils. But hair oils (and other body oils) are largely produced as needed – so if you’re constantly stripping your hair and scalp of their natural oils, your body will boost production to make up for it. This leads to an increased need for shampoo! And so you get caught in a circle…you use shampoo, your body makes more oil for your scalp, your hair gets greasy, you need to wash your hair again, you use shampoo, your body makes more oil…etc.

(You might also be interested to know that many shampoos contain potentially harmful ingredients – Look up ingredients and brands here)

So how does this work?
The No Poo method tackles the goals of a clean scalp and managed hair oils in a slightly different way. The scalp is cleaned using gentle cleansers such as baking soda. And the scalp and hair are allowed to return to their natural oil balance, which usually eliminates the problems of dry or oily hair.

My Personal Methodology
When I first started, following instructions I found at, I mixed up a baking soda paste by adding a bit of water to a handful of baking soda and scrubbing it into my scalp just as I would shampoo. Eventually, I realized that it was much easier to scrub the baking soda into my scalp when my (considerably long) hair was dry, so I began washing my dry hair before getting into the shower to rinse. (As an added bonus, this method also saves water as well as the gas used to power our water heater!)

After rinsing thoroughly in the hottest water I can stand, I rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar. (My early mistake was not diluting the vinegar enough, earning me the nickname of Fish and Chips around the house.) These days, I fill a water bottle about ¼ full with vinegar, then fill the rest with water. I also add a few drops of essential oils – usually lavender, since I have that on hand and it smells nice. I keep this concoction in a sports-cap water bottle in the shower and squeeze some over my hair, then rinse out well.

I don’t use any hair products at all, and I try to brush my hair morning and night – gently and with a natural bristle brush to help distribute the oils produced by my scalp down to the ends of my hair where it is most needed. I currently wash my scalp about once a week, and rinse my hair one additional time during the week. My hair begins to get just a little oily the day before I wash, but it is generally only noticeable to me. Before I went no poo, I needed to wash at least every other day or I had greasy, unmanageable, and just plain gross hair!

Getting Started
If you’re thinking about trying this method, be forewarned! Most people experience a week or two of “icky hair” while their scalp struggles to adjust to the new routine. I did not experience this transition time, but many do. If you can outlast this period, though, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful, all natural hair and scalp!

Here are some basic instructions on living “no poo.”

  • Rinse your hair daily with hot water and brush with a natural bristle brush.
  • As often as needed (for some people, this is every few days, for some once a week is enough), scrub scalp with a baking soda paste and rinse well.
  • Rinse hair with diluted vinegar (apple cider vinegar smells nicer).
  • Take good care of your hair between washings by brushing gently and minimizing the use of hair products.

If the simple baking-soda-and-vinegar routine doesn’t seem to work for you, here are some variations on the basic routine that some people have found helpful:

  • Add a honey scalp massage to help with dry hair or itchy scalp
  • Wash with an egg instead of baking soda.
  • Use beer instead of vinegar.
  • Use a rosemary essential oil infusion instead of vinegar.
  • Use lime or lemon juice instead of vinegar.
  • Use some essential oil on the very ends of hair to cut down on frizzies and dry ends.

There are now quite a few blogs about not using shampoo. (and there are always a few threads on no poo at Mothering.)

Not for You?
If ditching the shampoo is not for you, but you’re interested in using less-toxic products for cleaning your hair and scalp, you might consider the great Shampoo Bars made by Heart of Iowa Soapworks and sold by PrairieLand Herbs.


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Comment by visskiss


Comment by prediksi togel jitu

[…] Natural Living warns of the initial two week ‘icky hair’ problem. […]

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Comment by info togel jitu goib

Hi – I am thinking about trying this, but I have color-treated hair. What will this concoction do to my colored hair?

Comment by Jennifer

when you “icky” hair, is that where your hair doesn’t look clean? or is it just all frizzy and wild? i can handle the latter but not the former!

Comment by elaine

The paragon of unrstedanding these issues is right here!

Comment by Sagar

Du har tatt utrolig mange fine landskaps/naturbilder i det siste! Disse er inget unntak, nydelig farger og lys, får lyst til å komme meg ut på ski når jeg ser sånne bilder.. Får vel vente til i morgen og håpe på fint vær..Du må nesten få deg 'trønder' oversetter,, hehe, godt jeg kan noe og får med meg sammenhengen:) Jeg elsker dialekter så bare fortsett:)*klem*

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I am glad you still have your blog, for I don't know how to handle Facebook. It's too complicated for me. And there are always people showing up whom I don't know. Therefore I never visit my Facebook page. It was my daughter who wanted me on FB.Anyway your Mohawks are awesome!

Comment by

It tends to go through a short period of looking kind of greasy while your scalp adjusts. Your scalp is accustomed to having to make a LOT of oil to compensate for the oil that’s stripped away with soap, and it will take a few weeks for it to realize it can cut back on oil production. Many people (myself included) found that being vigilant about hair brushing with a natural bristle brush and rinsing with very hot water every day really helped minimize this.

Comment by Sarah

Hi, I am wondering what the purpose of the ACV rinse is? Does it serve to condition the hair or is it necessary in order to get all of the baking soda out? The reason I ask is because I’m growing dreadlocks, and I’m wondering if it is ok to use just the baking soda, without the ACV rinse…

Comment by Byron

The ACV rinse – it does help to get out the traces of baking soda, but I have not found it necessary as long as I rinse REALLY REALLY well. It does definitely make hair softer and more manageable, which in your case wouldn’t be necessary.

Comment by sarahtar

I agree that your hard recovery is probably due to all your post-birth stresses. I pushed for 3.5 hrs to give birth to my daughter and I di12;#8nd7&t feel all that bad afterwards. I had a terrible head cold which was a lot harder to deal with. I lost my sense of smell for one month. And then I got an infection in my uterus two weeks later and had to be rushed to the ER. So I guess I had some bad side effects!

Comment by Boss

you do need to do the ACV rinse as it balances the pH of your scalp after the baking soda. BS is alkaline and opens the hair cuticles for cleaning the hair and scalp. The ACV rinse is acid which then elimininates trace BS, closes the cuticle and makes the hair glossy, smooth and soft. It also neutralises your scalp and makes it healthy. If it makes your hair too greasy use white vinegar instead.

Comment by Nikki

If I oil my hair the day before washing ,will the baking soda remove the oil.As I have really straight hair oil in the hair makes it look greesy.
As for ACV,It has helped me a lot

Comment by Pallavi

I have no idea whether baking soda would remove oil you put on your hair – I’m not actually very familiar with the reasons for oiling, or what type of oil you might use? I would imagine that baking soda/ACV would reduce or eliminate the need for oiling your hair – I’m not sure what benefit your hair’s getting as it is if you oil and then wash it out with shampoo which, by its nature, strips all the oils out. So…I don’t know. Give it a try and let us know!

Comment by sarahtar

I don’t have time to get my hair wet every day, as I have long, thick hair and it takes too much time to dry. Will this work if I no-poo once or twice a week but only rinse my hair every other day? Thanks for all the great information!

Comment by Lena Booth

I actually stopped rinsing every day a loooong time ago, and haven’t noticed any ill effects, but it will depend on your body and hair.

Even some people who have naturally oilier hair have said they can skip the rinsing every day if they be sure to brush with a natural bristle brush, and I’ve met a few people who dust on a bit of baking soda and then brush it out between washings. I’ve not tried that myself.

Comment by sarahtar

I started no pooing a month ago, and my hair is soooo happy!
Docs don’t know what happened, but most of my hair fell out at puberty….it grew back in after a while, but never as thick as it once was. No poo has strengthened my hair, i hardly see any breakage and it is growing like crazy! It always grew after that time, but now it’s not breaking or coming out so much when i brush!

Comment by V

I have been ‘poo free for just over a week now, and my hair looks better than ever!
If you are worried about greasy hair for the first little while (or if you do not want to rinse or wash every day), I have found that dusting cornstarch over my hair and brushing it out with my boar-bristled brush has worked wonders. As another use for cornstarch, if you find you perspire too much, dust some of the starch on after your shower, or after you wake up.

Comment by Lisa

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Comment by Viki

Great info! I am looking to get rid of oily looking hair without having to wet it. I have an appearance t make tonight and the heat has made my hair feel greasy but I just washed it. 😦

Perhaps rubbing some baking soda or cornstarch on the scalp then brushing it out would help…

Comment by talinan

I’m looking forward to trying this when I have time to deal with the icky. I have been using baking soda exclusively to wash my face for about a year now. It is amazing stuff in that I have scaly skin on my lower face and chin but using baking soda removes all the scaliness and makes it silky smooth.

Comment by Nunu

Hi, I have tried going ‘no poo’ twice, once when I was about 25, and then again when I was 38. Both times were complete disasters. I waited for months for my hair to go through the greasy phase and come out the other side, and it never happened. I wasn’t using baking soda, because I had never heard about it, but I rinsed in hot water every couple of days, and brushed thoroughly. all that happened was that the oil spread itself through my hair. It didn’t look too bad, because I wore it up, in an immaculate bun, for the whole time. It was smooth and glossy, but if I let it loose it hung in greasy strings. Absolutely vile. Maybe I am just one of those people that the ‘no poo’ thing doesn’t work on… am wondering about Wen. anyone heard if it is any good?

Comment by Jo

Well, without using something like baking soda to get your scalp and roots clean, it will just look greasy. It’s not necessarily that your scalp keeps producing excess oil, but you’re not cleaning off the oil that is there. So it’ll continue to look greasy. I don’t know anything about Wen, but looked at the ingredients – that’s a LOT of alcohol in those products for something called “conditioner.”

Comment by Sarah

I’ve been considering going no-poo. Everything I’ve read says only use baking soda about twice a week, but I work out at least 3 times per week. What do I do when my hair gets all sweaty and gross? Just rinse with water?

Comment by Sher

LOL, well, I keep thinking I personally will run into this problem, but I have yet to work out to a sweat more than twice a week since having my son 4 years ago. (sad, yes.)

First, I don’t think that washing with baking soda more often than twice a week will hurt you. It’s baking soda. So you could give that a try. OR you could see what you think about just rinsing really well with very hot water after a workout.

Comment by sarahtar

[…] note: This Natural Living Des Moines Blog notes the following: “If you’re thinking about trying this method, be forewarned! Most people […]

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I’ve washed with water & baking soda for months now and I love it. My only question, does everyone here completely avoid hair products? You can put just about any gunk in your hair when you’re using sodium laureth sulfate to strip it out later, but if you’re using water & baking soda it becomes tougher. Still, there are days when I’d like to dress up my hair a bit and use some “product.” Not sure what to do with that.

Comment by Blake K

There are some really easy hair product recipes at
Hope that helps!

Comment by Jess

Great article. I’m about to go pick up some baking soda and I’m going to try it on my scalp. I’ve got the itches and the shampoo definitely dries me out. Thanks for the tip.

Comment by Camille from Black Women Beauty Central

Going to put this ariltce to good use now.

Comment by Anisha

I just started no ‘poo. I am very happy!! 😀
As a product, I use jojoba oil when my hair is fully dried. BUT you have to use like ONE drop!!

Comment by Ashley

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Comment by Alexwebmaster

I use conditioner to was my hair instead of shampoo. Is that just as bad as using shampoo?

Comment by jemmie

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Comment by Reggie

i go no-poo all the time and love it! i use v05 herbal escapes conditioner.

Comment by Hair On The Brain

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Comment by How to Get Six Pack Fast

I’ve been fine with my natural body bar for shampooing (Burts Bees bar did NOT work for me!)but want to give baking soda a try. Vinegar rinse doesn’t do it for me, but my hair LOVES kombucha as a rinse.


Comment by Ann Duncan

I just started the baking soda “no poo” method and think it’s going to work okay. I’m still experimenting with amounts and how often. My hair seems to have become a bit dry and I’m interested in the rosemary essential oil infusion mentioned. What is the recipe/directions for that?

Comment by Janet

Jennifer left a comment a while ago about whether you could use baking soda and ACV if your hair is color-treated. I do not see that she ever got an answer. Anybody?

Comment by lethe

I’ve been using a homemade shampoo bar and vinegar rinse lately and I absolutely love it! I just came off my transition period today and was impressed at how full and bouncy my hair turned out this morning. I didn’t even have to use any hairspray or anything. It’s holding the style on it’s own! (usually it would be flying and frizzing all over the place)

I’m definitely going to try the baking soda as well.

Comment by Tammy

I style my hair curly by using a little bit of mousse. Do you think the vinegar will work to remove build up from the mousse the same way a shampoo would?

Comment by Katrina

I’m thinking of trying this because my hair looks so much nicer when it hasnt been washed! Its all lovely and curly – but doesn’t last for long because then i wash it. I was wondering: does your hair smell bad when you use vinegar on your hair?

Comment by Tara

I’ve been without shampoo for a month now, and I’m puzzled about the baking soda… If the point of not using shampoo is that we want to keep the natural oils in our hair, and baking soda removes the oils… then isn’t baking soda just another form of shampoo?? My boyfriend went no-poo many years ago and never used anything – his hair and scalp are always clean.

Comment by Anja Lysholm

Anja – the baking soda is more to clean the SCALP than to clean the hair. The human body cannot go without cleaning – including our scalps. We shed skin cells, our oils and hair trap dirt and dust, etc. Without washing, eventually it starts to break down. Baking soda is among the gentle-ist cleaners out there. (I also personally think that the slightly abrasive nature of baking soda helps get my scalp clean, too, in a way that shampoo just can’t.)

Comment by sarahtar

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Comment by Christina

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Comment by

Great post. I “accidentally” went to baking soda as a shampoo this week and my hair looks great. I use it every other day and just rinse the other day. I follow it with conditioner, but will try the acv. I have eczema and have used baking soda for years to clean my skin. After buying Nexxus shampoo my eczema went crazy. So, I stopped using all products. The internet confirmed my suspicions that baking soda is a great shampoo.

I have color treated hair, and I think it looks fine (maybe a little greener, but I have a coloring conditioner I used that toned it down).

Comment by Sage

I have curly hair and don’t like to brush it. Is there a way other than brushing to distribute the natural oils from the scalp to the rest of the hair? Also, my hair is frizzy (when it’s above freezing!). What essential oil would you recommend for my hair? Thank you!

Comment by Jodi

You know, to be honest, I skip the brushing these days. My hair starts to show oiliness near the scalp sooner that way, but I just throw on a scarf, lol. With curly hair, my GUESS would be that the greasiness might not show as much as it does on my featureless hair.

I am not an expert on EOs, I’m sorry.

Comment by Sarah

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Comment by naturaldsm

[…] No shampoo? Jump to Comments Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve put up a post.  But I wanted to share with you a little experiment, inspired by a post at Natural Living Des Moines. […]

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I have not been using shampoo for about 5 months now, and i miss wearing my hair down. I went no shampoo because I didn’t like the waste shampoo produced, I did not want to be dependent on shampoo again, and my hair has always had a lot of breakage, which i thought the extra oils would fix. For the first two or three months I used baking soda and apple cider vinegar. My hair was different, but it looked fine. I did have some really greasy days, and taught myself how to French braid. Then, i realized that instead of being dependent on shampoo, I was simply dependent on another thing, my apple cider vinegar and baking soda. My boyfriend had started no shampoo a little bit before this time and didn’t use anything and h is hair looks great! So, I tried nothing on my hair. Yuck! I looked gross, but I kept on going because I thought it would just be a stage. After a while, and no real change, i tried different things: longer between washes, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, lemon juice etc. now, as I sit here today, I am faced with oily flat roots, and crazy, almost crunchy, fluffy, damaged ends. I’m really sad because I miss wearing my hair down, and I don’t want to go back to shampoo, but it looks like my hair just wasn’t meant for this. What should i do? any suggestions?

Comment by Bec

I just heard about Rasul Moroccan Soap Clay Did any of you try that? “It has a cleansing effect, absorbs fat & dirt from the skin, hair & scalp without harming the structure of the hair & the skin’s natural fat layers.”

I usually don’t miss shampoo (been without it for 9 months now), but some weeks my hair’s kind of sticky, and I’m really tempted to wash with shampoo. Not even baking soda helps on those days (I normally don’t use anything but water).

Did any of you with long hair try to wash it with shampoo just once after a long time without it? What happens – will it take forever to build up that nice natural structure again, or is that coming back fast without having to go through another greasy period?

Comment by Anja Lysholm

Bec – my guess is that your boyfriend’s hair looks fine with doing nothing because he has very short hair. He probably also has a different scalp and hair type than you. I know my DH could never wash his hair and it would look fine. but it’s about 1/4 inch long and you couldn’t see greasy roots if you were looking for them. My hair, on the other hand, can’t do that. I will note, though, that the longer I no poo, the longer I can go between ANY washing.

AND, several of us girls have noticed that our hair needs more attention when we have our periods, or when we’re eating less than ideal foods. (My BO kicks in during those times, too.) When I don’t have my period, I can go weeks with just the occasional rinse as long as I brush regularly. But it took me years to get to this point.

Anja – Personally, I’ve only ever used a shampoo bar since no pooing. Switching between a (all natural – from Prairieland Herbs) shampoo bar and the baking soda is not a problem for me.

Comment by Sarah Reid

I have long color-treated hair…will the no-poo method change the color of my hair? I’m concerned about that.

Comment by Barbara ~

Let me see if I can help out with a few questions I’m seeing. First let me state that I haven’t used a store bought shampoo or created any homemade ones since 1991. I’m allergic to the chemicals used in soaps and shampoo and the allergy finally got bad enough to land me in the hospital.

Both baking soda and vinegar are nearly the same ph as skin. If you run out of baking soda you can use brown sugar or quiona. Adding conditioner removes the baking soda…vinegar removes baking soda but if you’re in a hurry…you will smell like a salad. I use vinegar and then conditioner and then rinse again….no smell that way.

I use baking soda, vinegar, and I use a cheap conditioner…nothing else.

My method…curly girl:

I start by very loosely braiding my hair in 4 or 5 sections. Then I wet my scalp…I actually just hold the box of baking soda over my head and sprinkle…more anyplace I’ve been itching. Now because the scalp is wet…it will stick, any that falls…rub it into the skin to be rinsed later…baking soda is good for the skin. Rub your scalp shampoo fashion…remove braids and work it down the hair…for folks that are new or just used to suds…(kills the ick) pour some conditioner onto your hands and go thru the hair like a shampoo…add some water to make a foam (close as you will get to lather) when you rinse your hair will be soft, shiny and clean. I only use vinegar every other time…it restores the hair ph balance….which is always good but when leaving directly after a shower…vinegar smells like vinegar in an office. The baking soda goes down the drain with the conditioner so it all works out. If you have very curly hair…like me, use your fingers or a brush to direct your hair in the direction you are going to rinse while the conditioner is still in. Rinse thoughly. Once rinsed…don’t touch the hair unless you absolutely have to or frizz happens. When hair is dry you can touch it. This works too. It’s basically a co-wash, no poo combination but for curl girls…nothing is better.

Comment by Lakaya

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Comment by Bertie

Ive been no-poo for about 3 months now. My hair went thru that yucky oily stage and then been pretty good. I have curly hair so I rinse it every day and use ACV and baking soda. But lately Ive been noticing that when i brush my hair there is LOTS of white powdery residue on my brush!! Am I using too much backing soda?? Please hair has gone from nice and shiny to dull and dry. =(

Comment by Patty. O

I’ve been trying the baking soda/ACV rinse for the last few weeks. I usually do both the baking soda and the ACV rinse about twice a week, then maybe one more ACV rinse on top of that. It’s working fine, and I do notice my hair having more bounce/life to it, however my hair can usually only go a day and a half or so after the baking soda wash before getting greasy. That’s about the same amount of time it could go when I used regular shampoo. I will say my hair is normally pretty oily (i can only use a very small amount of ACV in the mixture otherwise it makes my hair horribly greasy) and that I have bangs, so it definitely shows more when my hair is greasy, but are there any suggestions? Do I just need to do the baking soda rinse every other day, or will that cause the same problems as using shampoo every other day in terms of overproduction of oil?

Comment by kshea333

[…] just google “no poo” and you can find tons of articles and blogs about how to do this! This and this are a couple of good ones I found. Obviously up to you whether you want to try this for […]

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thanks for this!
i am trying to live as close to plastic-free as i can, so this will help drastically!

Comment by CastingPurls

[…] just google “no poo” and you can find tons of articles and blogs about how to do this! This and this are a couple of good ones I found. Obviously up to you whether you want to try this for […]

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Shielo shampoo locks in my color so well that i never have to do any touch ups during the month. it gets rid of build up and leaves it soft and shiny.

I would recommend their Shielo Color Protect Line to any one with color treated hair, but if you also have DRY hair, you can use their Shielo HYDRATE line which also protects color treated hair, but also adds a touch of moisture if you need it. Amaze!

I have red hair and as you know that is the toughest color to maintain. But Shielo shampoo helps protect it from the sun the wind and any other element’s. A little goes a long way. A 1 liter bottle will last me a good 6 months.

If your an animal lover you will happy to know that Shielo is also cruelty free.

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Comment by info togel jitu goib


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[…] here are a couple links to people who have done it (I didn’t notice any photos though): Natural Living Des Moines Natural Family Online  By |October 10th, 2008|hair, pilates, soap|2 […]

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[…] Use baking soda and vinegar. While it’s a great choice for all hair types, this is the preferred no poo routine for women with naturally oily hair. You want to mix some baking soda with a bit of water into a paste and then scrub that into your scalp. Rinse it out using hot (not scalding) water. Afterwards, rinse your hair with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Taking an old water bottle and filling it up 1/4th of the way with vinegar and the rest with water seems to work well. […]

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