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Inductions are Evil by heycinderella
February 26, 2007, 9:47 pm
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I hate inductions. Hate them. Inductions are the root of childbirth gone wrong in

It has been proven that getting induced increases your chances of ending up with a c/section by 50%! And I don’t believe doctors really need to think too hard for any reason to give any women a c/section. I have heard of dozens of reasons to be induced and very few are truly legitimate.

Among those not-so-legitimate reasons to get induced are: You are overdue, the baby is too big, the baby is too small, you are too fat, you are too skinny, you are going on a vacation, I (the doctor) am going on vacation, it’s too close to a holiday, your mother-in-law is here to babysit now, your husband is on leave, my (the doctor’s) kid has a dance recital, your baby isn’t moving enough, your baby is moving too much, you look ready, you look tired, you look impatient….

If your doctor tells you any of these types of things, or enthusiastically agrees to induce you if you mention one, it’s time to run. LOOK FOR A NEW CAREPROVIDER.

Remember, that it’s OK to not agree to be induced and it’s OK to question why your careprovider wants you to be induced. The careprovider is employed by you, not vice versa. This is your body and your baby. Your baby/body doesn’t have a little timer on it and even if it did, it’s not going to ding that it’s ready the second you hit your magical/all knowing due date. Some pregnancies take 37 weeks to thoroughly cook the baby…some take 43 weeks (some more, especially if it’s your first baby)! Research shows the average first pregnancy (if left to run it’s own course) averages 8 days longer than “the due date”. Everyone is different.

Your body knows when the baby is done and ready to come out….very very few women remain pregnant all of their lives. Those babies come out, it’s just a matter of when and how.

Induced births tend to be longer, harder and more painful (three things a pg woman does NOT need) than a labor that occurs naturally. And, like I previously mentioned, tend to end in c/sections more often.

Unfortunately, for us, this is where a doctor’s magic bag of excuses often comes in. Your baby MIGHT have been in distress (and needed an emergency c/section), but would it had been in distress had it not been given pitocin to make contractions stronger than what it could bear (and then an epidural…and then more pitocin, etc)?

Yes, you may have pushed and pushed and pushed in every position known to man and that baby wouldn’t come out…but, was this because your pelvis is “too small” or was that because the induction didn’t allow that baby to get in the right position and then a good old epidural on top of it caused that baby to get stuck?

Yes, you may have labored for 18 hrs and still didn’t get past a 3cm but…was this a case of “failure to progress” or were you strapped in bed, not allowed to move around, stuck in the arms w/ a jillion different things, watched by 18 nurses, three doctors and two residents?

Yes, you may have had a fever/infection, but would this have occurred anyway or was this because you had had at least 23 introducing new-bacteria-with-every-prod vaginal exams in the last 12 hours?

Inductions are the first of the slippery slopes leading to a c/section. What starts as an “innocent” breaking of water/little pitocin drip, leads to more pitocin, an epidural, more pit, another epidural, the inablity to get out of bed, an impatient doctor, an exhausted mother and a baby in distress. If you don’t want a c/s (and you don’t, topic of another blog), then don’t get induced.


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Wonderful blog on inductions! So refreshing to know that there are women out there speaking the truth! I am a mom of four, a doula, and aspiring nurse midwife, so I appreciate the women who are making a difference for all the pregnant ladies out there. We can give birth naturally, we are very capable!

Comment by Katie Villalobos

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