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Simple Steps: Common Tips You Should Already Know! (1) by naturaldsm
April 24, 2007, 11:51 pm
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One day, my husband was talking with some coworkers about various environmental topics. One coworker stated that she wanted to do something to reduce her impact on the environment, but she couldn’t really make a difference. “It’s frustrating,” she stated. “I feel bad about what’s happening to the planet, and I want to do something. But I don’t feel like I can do anything.”

This series of articles is intended to show that coworker, as well as everyone else, that you CAN make a difference! And it’s EASY!

This first article will focus on some of the more common suggestions for greener living. Most of these will sound familiar already, but I encourage you to take a second look. If you’re already doing the suggested activity, consider whether you could do MORE of it. If you’ve decided that something is impractical or unappealing, reconsider!

  1. Thermostat control. Turn it colder in the winter and put on a sweater. Turn it warmer in the summer and put on a tank top. On days when it’s nice out, open the windows and turn off the HVAC entirely! Use ceiling fans to help cool down your house on those days that you’re on the fence about whether to turn on the AC.
  2. Compact Fluorescent light bulbs. Some people don’t like the light quality from these bulbs, but I don’t notice. The fact is, CF blubs save you money and they use less electricity. Everyone wins. Replace some incandescent bulbs with CF bulbs.
  3. Turn off the lights! And appliances! And anything that you’re not using. Consider unplugging items that will draw power even when not in use, like the microwave. Have a hard time remembering to turn off lights? There are systems (like X10) that will allow you to automate your house – lights, appliances, etc. Program your house to turn the lights off at a certain time. (Also good for vacations!)
  4. Take care of your car. Proper tire inflation, clean air filters, etc. all help you get better gas mileage.
  5. Combine trips, carpool, take public transportation, all that stuff that you already know.

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Great suggestions – thanks for letting us all know.

I just tried the “No ‘Poo” baking soda hair rinse, and it’s worked great. I’m thrilled at the idea of getting rid of one more source of chemicals, plastic and big expense (I was a Body Shop and Aveda girl, mistakenly thinking they were more “natural”).

It’s a goal of my husband and I to eventually be totally self-sufficient, and a big part of that is consuming less and conserving more. I’ll keep checking back for more tips.

Comment by Rachel DuBois

[…] Simple Steps: Common Tips You Should Already Know! (1) […]

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