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Reducing Waste: Step One by sarahtar
December 5, 2007, 8:45 pm
Filed under: Personal Stories

The first step to further reducing our waste is to take an assessment of where we are today. That’ll help us decide what steps we need to take to improve.


  • We usually have 2-3 kitchen bags of garbage per week.
  • We keep things the city will pick up curb-side until our storage bins get full.
  • We do not keep things that are recyclable but not eligible for curbside pickup.
  • We have gotten really bad at being aware of how much waste we bring in – packaging, etc.
  • We have reusable grocery bags, but it’s a crap shoot whether we remember to bring them with us.
  • However, I reuse any disposable grocery bags we have by giving them to customers to put their purchases in.

As far as Wallypop and Boulevard Designs go:

  • Wallypop/Boulevard Designs generates one contractor-size garbage bag every 6 weeks.
  • I keep all fabric scraps that are large enough to be used for something – appliques, doll diapers, etc.
  • Any fabric scraps I don’t want that are still big enough for some useful purpose are freecycled.
  • Fabric scraps that are too small are thrown away.
  • These businesses go through a lot of paper, even though I print on both sides.
  • I do funnel most used paper to Wally’s draw/paint pile.

Now, off to do some research…


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