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Recycling Information by sarahtar
December 6, 2007, 10:34 pm
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In preparing to reduce our waste, we’re doing some reading about ways to reduce what we consume, reusing the things we do consume, and recycling what’s left. I decided to start by learning more about recycling. I know about our curb-side program here in Des Moines, but not much about other options.

The Metro Waste Authority has some good information on their website, including a list of what can be recycled through Curb-It and at the self-haul stations, and what can’t. There’s information about their e-waste program and a form to request an additional green bin (or a first green bin). Des Moines doesn’t have the world’s best recycling program, but it’s better than nothing, and does make recycling basic items pretty painless. (Just as long as you don’t have colored glass or boxes that, when flat, are larger than your bin, lol.)

Earth 911 has a nifty little function – the box at the top of this page will tell you where you can recycle any item. Our options here in Des Moines are pretty much limited to the City, though, so if the city won’t take it, there don’t seem to be any good options. The site also has a large selection of articles, including one on reusing or recycling paint, how paper is recycled, and cell phone recycling. I did quite a bit of browsing there today, and have bookmarked for future perusal, as well.

Wikipedia has some interesting information on the hows and whys of recycling.’s shortest comprehensive guide to recycling is just as advertised.

Unfortunately, it does seem as though our only option in Des Moines is to use the MWA’s recycling program, and throw out anything they won’t accept. Am I wrong or missing something?


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The best I have found is . They clear your personal data (pictures, numbers, text messages) and you can print postage directly from their site and just drop it in the mail It’s easy and they accept our older phones as well and give them to a good cause and keep the material out of the landfill.

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