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Fun Babywearing Information by sarahtar
December 30, 2007, 9:59 am
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I realized with a jolt recently that I haven’t really worn Wally since summer. I suppose at 3 and a half, he’s generally just feeling far too old and mature to ride in a sling these days…plus with winter, it’s hard. It was easy with a baby, but it’s hard with a preschooler and winter coats.

So it’s been a while since I explored the world of babywearing online, and I allowed myself to indulge in a brief bit of web surfing this morning. I found this awesome Flickr group featuring babywearing photos from around the world.  Turns out, there’s a new type of baby carrier on the market – the Chunei. It seems to be yet another “modern take on a traditional Asian carrier” type of deal, this time with buckles and straps, but if you’re into buckles and straps, it does actually look pretty cool. I like the looks much better than most structured carriers, that’s for sure. Me, though – I’ll stick with my Mei Tai and wrap carriers! I even still love my Podegi.

I also found this awesome blog, which now holds a spot in my Bloglines.  Magic City Slingers is a babywearing group much like our own Des Moines Babywearing, but much more active and with a blog.


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I’m stuck here in the SW corner of the state, but read this blog since I would LOVE to live in DSM. 🙂

I have a chunei, and it is an awesome carrier- even with the buckles and straps. 😉 Which I’m often not fond of. It’s a quicker on and off than a pod, which makes it a great ‘leave it in the car so you’re never without it’ carrier. It’s also easy to handoff to DH even with the sleeping baby still in it (ours has a ‘safety seat’ in it to prevent really little babies from slipping). I’m too small chested to get a good torso only carry in my pod, but this gives me more full-torso weight support (the shoulder straps are just to wrangle in wiggly toddlers, I usually don’t even wear the shoulder straps on mine) and my small chest isn’t an issue. For mamas with bad backs/shoulders and small chests, this is a great alternative! I also found one in mesh, which I am looking forward to using in our humid IA summers; especially when we trek up to Adventureland the 5 or 6 times my inlaws go.

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