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Cloned Food – yuck! by sarahtar
January 16, 2008, 9:51 am
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I’m sure this isn’t news to anyone:  FDA says cloned Animals Safe to Eat.

After years of debate, the Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday declared that food from cloned animals and their progeny is safe, removing the last government hurdle before meat and milk derived from copies of prize dairy cows and superior hogs can be sold at grocery stores.

further down, the article says:

Consumer groups and some members of Congress have fought the decision, arguing that there was still not enough science. Some groups also object to the technology on animal-welfare grounds, noting that clones face an elevated risk of health problems early in life.

It remains to be seen how widely the technology will be adopted. Interest from the food industry has been tepid, with some companies declaring that they will not sell milk or meat from cloned animals or their offspring. Other types of reproductive technology, such as artificial insemination, faced resistance on farms when they were first developed, but eventually they became widespread.

I don’t know. “It gives me the willies” doesn’t seem like a very firm leg to stand on, but it does give me the willies. And I’m not alone. 60% of the US population is uncomfortable with the idea.
I also agree with Arthur Caplan, that not requiring labeling regarding cloned animals is NOT a good idea. I like to know what’s in my food, and so do most Americans. As Mr. Caplan notes, “We don’t chose what we eat based on science. If we did, we would not be in the middle of an obesity epidemic. Food is about emotion. Food producers, manufacturers and sellers know that very well. That is why cookies are sold by elves, biscuits by a doughboy and oatmeal by an 18th century Quaker.”

I personally believe that the FDA knows this, as well, and they know that animals labeled “cloned” will not be purchased as readily, which is why they don’t want to require labeling. Sounds awfully Conspiracy Theory, but that’s what I think nonetheless!

And a commentor at Tree Hugger’s blog notes:

“reports indicate that the food from cloned animals is as safe as the food we eat every day.”

Now there’s cause for alarm.


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Makes me soooo glad we don’t eat meat! Yuck.

Comment by livelightly

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