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Progress report AND cookware safety by sarahtar
February 20, 2008, 9:55 pm
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Well, this week, I added a paper recycling bin (aka paper sack) to my office in the basement. It will serve as the central paper recycling bin for the whole basement (which also includes our family office).

And – I know! How could I own a business for 4 years and NOT have a paper recycling bin in the office? I don’t know. We have one in the kitchen with the rest of the garbage. Any whole sheets of paper, I toss on Wally’s art pile. Small scraps of paper, I guess I’ve generally thrown away. Shame, shame. Large stacks, such as what are generated when cleaning out the files, have always been either shredded (then recycled) or brought up stairs to the recycle bin. But having one in my office has already proven to be quite handy…

As for plastic, not a whole lot of progress there. I dream of some day getting rid of all of our plastic food containers and replacing them with glass like this or this. or this. But, alas, new food storage is not yet in the budget.

I did get to bring home my parents’ old pots and pans last week. They are nice, heavy cast iron. I loooooove them. They are basically nonstick without the nasty nonstick coating. Our old pots are a thin stainless steel, which I guess there’s nothing actually wrong with them…I just like the cast iron better. Particularly the skillet.

Interested in reading more about which metals are safest for cooking? This is a good summary.


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I read the summary on safe cooking metals last week – really great! Worth the time to browse over and make notes of what to buy when it’s time to replace.

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