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A great day for nursing women! by sarahtar
March 20, 2008, 8:31 am
Filed under: Parenting

Victoria’s Secret is carrying nursing bras!!

Now – I have plenty of problems with VS. Their mannequins look like cheap hookers, for example. I have never really purchased anything from their stores (but I do own a pair of VS shorts and they fit me really well). Their catalogs are soft porn.

BUT. This is great.

Talk about taking nursing mainstream. Women can walk into a store known for carrying sexy, alluring bras and panties and buy a bra they can wear while nursing their babies. We don’t have to shop online or choose from among the two or three styles of white, Army-looking nursing bras available at Target or department stores. VS acknowledges that breasts are functional and not just decorative.

I spent a good deal of time when W was a baby lobbying for VS to carry nursing bras. I stopped in the stores whenever I happened to pass by one to talk to the salespeople or managers. I called a few times. I emailed and wrote letters. The response was always polite, but always like “hey, we appreciate your feedback. Go away.” (Except the folks in the stores, who were always very nice and many of whom seemed to genuinely think it was a great idea. One store manager promised to call her district manager that afternoon to ask about it.)

Though I no longer wear bras, I am happy to see Victoria’s Secret is taking this step!!


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