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An experiment by sarahtar
March 25, 2008, 7:52 am
Filed under: Products, Waste

I have, in my possession, a few items I never thought I’d have. Three plastic cans of disposable single-use clorox wipes.

yikes, right?

Well, they were from my mom’s house from when we cleaned it out after her death. She had to use them in her dialysis room (to wipe down every surface before connecting or disconnecting from the machine – the biggest risk to her health was infection entering the dialysis port). We basically had a choice between just throwing them away (what a waste) or bringing them home and using them. Ultimately, we decided to bring them home.

And I thought it would be interesting to see if they really are that much more convenient.

After over a month, here is my report.

I have used the cloths to wipe down the toilet a few times. Overall, I much prefer cleaning the toilet with a rag and cleaning solution. For starters, my cleaning products smell really nice (not like Clorox), and also the thickness of a rag keeps my fingers comfortably far away from the toilet surface. (Sorry, I really don’t like toilets.) I did not find that the wipes did any better or worse job of cleaning than the usual rags. I did need to use two or three to do a really good job. So…rags win.

I also stuck one can in the bag that has Wally’s potty. We keep this bag in the car. It’s got a potty, the toilet seat reducer, wipes, and now also the can of Clorox wipes. I have used the disposable wipes a few times to wipe down the toilet seat reducer before putting it back into the bag. I was really grateful to have them, though, on our recent road trip through rural Illinois and Missouri for a few funerals. We were in a caravan and for some reason, our caravan leader stopped generally at small rural places with incredibly nasty bathrooms. I was able to use the disposable Clorox wipes to wipe down the public toilets so W could use them. (He has recently started refusing to use his little potty, which is MUCH MORE SANITARY than those public toilets were.)  In this case….wipes win.

But I have decided that for future car trips, I’ll just toss a small bottle of disinfectant and a few rags into the bag that holds the toilet reducer. No need for disposable wipes if I have a rag and cleaner!

That is the sum total of the times I’ve used the disposable wipes. I have no idea how long it’s going to take us to go through all three cans!


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