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Natural Living Des Moines by sarahtar
April 21, 2008, 2:15 pm
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So what are we doing here?

Natural Living Des Moines’ goal is to be a source of information for those seeking to live a more natural lifestyle here in central Iowa. To that end, we have a resource directory, a calendar of events that might be of interest, and this blog, which hopefully brings you useful articles and information on topics ranging from giving up shampoo to giving up garbage.

The resources are focused on central Iowa, mainly because that’s where I live and that’s the area I’m familiar with. It’s been very tempting to include links to general resources – there are so many good ones – but most of those resources are not difficult to find with your favorite search engine. So, generally speaking, links to resources not in central Iowa and not focused on central Iowa have been limited to blog posts, and not the resource directory.

Why is the site called Natural Living Des Moines and not Green Living or Eco-Friendly or something like that? Our focus is more on the vague collection of activities that I call “natural living.” Eating organic, eating local, eating whole foods, avoiding toxins of all sorts, buying locally made goods, choosing natural products over unnatural ones (cotton over polyester, natural soaps over Irish Spring), reducing our consumption, breastfeeding, using cloth diapers, planning/supporting natural childbirth, living a simpler life, wearing our babies, etc.

Not all of these things are necessarily green or eco-friendly (babywearing, for example). And not everyone who pursues natural living is necessarily doing it to be Green or Eco-Friendly. Green and Eco-Friendly are nice side effects for some of us – and they are the whole point for others. There’s room for both here.

So that’s what we’re trying to do here. We’re just a resource.

We are Des Moines’ first and original Natural Living resource directory. We continue to be a free resource, one that does not make any money. There is no charge to be listed in the resource directory or the calendar. I’m not trying to make a buck off of the “green trend.” I’m doing what I was raised to do – finding a small way to make a difference in my world, and to serve others.

Want to join us at NLDM? We’re still looking for regular bloggers. I have had a lot of enthusiastic beginnings, but few of them have become anything! You’d be welcome to blog about anything related to natural living, anything at all.

Have a business you want listed? An activity for the calendar? Just toss us an email.


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