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Sarah Palin is a breastfeeding babywearer by sarahtar
September 1, 2008, 10:56 pm
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Just thought you’d like to know.
here is a link talking about her pumping. Here is a picture of her wearing Trig in a pouch sling.


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And this is relevent, how?

Comment by Justin

Breastfeeding and babywearing are both components of natural living for those of us who are parents. Sarah Palin is now a public figure on a national scale.

On most of the natural parenting websites I visit (which tend to lean strongly left, politically), the fact that Sarah Palin was photographed wearing a pouch-style carrier and that she mentioned pumping during an interview was a hot topic over the weekend among people of all political persusaions.

I’m surprised you would ask, actually.

Comment by sarahtar

Sono speuldide.Qelnle di ieri le ho apprezzate di meno, erano un pò lontano dela mio gusto, ma questo sono geniali.Io poi adoro il minimalismo, specialmente quando riesce ad essere così elegante ed espressivo.

Comment by Ollie

I guess I’d have to be in your context to understand cause i still don’t get it.

Comment by Justin

Well, if you’re a parent in a world which looks at you like you have a third eye if you wear your baby in a carrier, and about throws up at the mere mention of breasts being used to feed infants, someone who could potentially be VP of our country who apparently thinks both of those things are OK is pretty cool.

Comment by sarahtar

Oh ok, I understand. I love her down to earth style myself.

Comment by Justin

That is very cool. I have been thinking about how much I do not want a party in office that leads their people to chant “drill drill drill” (as they did last night). In fact, this is the first time I’ve had any positive thoughts about SP, so thank you. As a baby wearing breastfeeding mother of a 15 month old I do attest that people freak out about both these things – which makes it more difficult than it should be.

Comment by li

Just to be clear, I am absolutely voting Democratic. I just appreciate your perspective about a public figure breastfeeding. 🙂

Comment by li

I’m one of those people who DOES feel this is relevant. I can’t say I agree with everything Palin says, but I know the extreme importance of breastfeeding and baby wearing. Good for her!

Comment by Laura Shanley

So Israeli spokesman claims that 300 Paanltinises crossed the death zone and attempted to cross the border. I am sure that they can back that claim with video of the incident, as cameras are monitoring death zone 24/7.

Comment by Coralie

Does she nurse, or just pump? Down syndrome babies sometimes get off to a slow start.

Comment by mother in israel

Part of me would really like it if Del Rio gave a giant eff you to the announce table and went to the Spanish announce table to do commentary inteatd.Wais, do they even still have the Spanish announce table?

Comment by Mavrick

I think that is soooo great that she is bf’ing, whether by pumping or direct nursing. The fact that she is a babywearer is even more appealing. They have my vote for other reasons, but her being the Mama she is, well, that’s a total bonus IMO. Go Palin!

Comment by Crunchy KY Mama

mother in isreal – I have no idea. sorry!

Comment by sarah

I read in People Magazine tonight that she both pumps and nurses at the breast. She even nurses while on Conference calls and no one even knows! Good for her.

I agree with the rest of you…I have nursed all 3 of my kids and wore my babies in slings as well. Let me just say that both of these choices are not “mainstream.” Everyone asks questions or looks at you like you are weird. So, the thought of a VP doing both is wonderful to bring awareness to both of these issues. Not sure how I’m voting yet, but I can totally relate to her as a mother.

Comment by Elizabeth-The Whole Family

Wow. Sarah Palin must really be wonder woman! I had a newborn that I was breastfeeding, an 18-month-old, and I was staying home with them, and I couldn’t even get a trip to Wal-mart in during the day, much less run the country!!!! How DOES she do it?

If the sarcasm wasn’t evident before, let me state plainly that I believe she has exploited that baby and humiliated her daughter, all for her greed and lust for power. I was an advocate for special needs people and am disgusted by this “hockey mom.” It’s not sexism to question her motives. Special needs children require a tremendous amount of attention. As does this nation. You can’t do both properly. It’s just not feasible.

To portray her as “just like one of us” with her own set of problems, combined with a journalism degree and relative newness to politics, that makes her just about as qualified to be 2nd in command of the United States of America as many of us. Hey, where do you sign up? Can’t be that difficult a position….

Comment by Anna

I know she nursed Piper until she was three years old – not sure about the other kiddos. I’ve been wondering how she is going to balance nursing/pumping and public speaking. I really hope she keeps it up and puts Trig’s needs ahead of her political aspirations.

Comment by AKJenn

“If the sarcasm wasn’t evident before, let me state plainly that I believe she has exploited that baby and humiliated her daughter”

Anna, you need get your big girl panties on. No one would ever say this about a man running for VP. Of course Palin can do it. Just because you can’t do doesn’t mean she can’t.

Sorry you can’t pull it together to get out to Walmart. A large percentage of women with babies stil work full, some even full time night shift, and still breast feed their babies for a year.

It IS sexist to say “it’s not feasible”. I wouldn’t recommend you signing up for any public offices though, it does require more actual responsability then just getting out to Walmart.

Comment by Tammy

Let me step in and say that this blog and website is NOT MEANT to be political in nature. I don’t mind folks making political comments here on the blog. But please, readers, remember that Natural Living Des Moines is non-partisan. Both Democrats and Republicans can be for natural living.

Comment by Sarah

I nursed all three of mine and always used a sling also. I also juggled an especially busy schedule with my third child. With careful planning, it worked. I resent someone saying that a woman has no right to run. The family seems very close and loving. Sarah is an interesting personality. But when I closely examine the issues, I choose substance over style. I want a smaller government, I want to support the troops & strengthen our military , I feel that a stronger middle class will lead to a more prosperous America. I feel that McCain’s health care plan will further hurt the middle class – I don’t want to pay income tax on my health care benefits, even if I do get a tax credit for the premiums I pay. I have decided to support Sen. Obama. (Oh, and her birth story alarmed me – deciding to travel over 10 hours after waiting more than eight hours after her water broke (or leaking – same difference medically) was extremely poor judgment. Wonder woman indeed

Comment by Rose

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Comment by Agatha

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Comment by

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Comment by

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Comment by baufinanzierung vergleich

Yes, I would hope that EVERYONE would choose who they vote for in ANY election based on issues and not the gender, race, breastfeeding status, good looks, or personality of the people running. (I know a few people voting for Obama just because they think he’s hot. Hello? Um, bad reason. And voting for McCain because Sarah Palin breastfeeds is also not good reasoning.)

Oddly, I also want a smaller government and strengthened military, among many other things, and am likely choosing McCain over Obama because of these (and other) issues.

Comment by sarahtar

i am soooo happy to hear that she breast feeds!! of course she can do it! anyone who thinks she can’t obviously hasn’t figured out how to breast feed in public. i do it all the time and no one even knows i’m doing it. it’s very ez to be discrete about and not expose your whole boob! you just have to find the right kind of shirts… and i’m not talking about breast feeding shirts, although they may work too, i prefer regular shirts because you have more flexibility with style and comfort. and there are a lot of bras that work too that aren’t nursing bras. i guess you just gotta use your head and think about how it would work for you and not just stick to what society tells you to do.

Comment by christinajoypl

comment removed.

Comment by Anonymous

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Well put, sir, well put. I’ll ceraitnly make note of that.

Comment by Latoya

Congratulations Hastings, All of you! Vera, you’re going to LOVE being a part of that family. God, Thank You for making all of this possible for all of them and God, please hold Vera’s grandmother extra tight, it took a strong heart for her to follow you in this. Amen.I’m off to finish reading the logs, we’re just back from Germany and almost NO internet access (little towns)…so much to catch up on!Much love to all of you. Have a safe flight home.Jackie for the Peraza Family

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