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Please allow me to introduce myself! by sabbathdavies
May 12, 2009, 11:05 am
Filed under: About the Bloggers

Hello there! My name is Sabbath Davis, and NLDM asked me to be a guest blogger, a role I was only to happy to fill! A few things about me –

1) I am a DM transplant. My husband is from Iowa, but we met in Denver and then lived in Seattle (with a short time living here as well). We just moved back here this last year (in August), to be closer to family and to raise our family in a more laid back place.

2) I am a doula, a childbirth educator, a placenta encapsulation specialist, and very shortly a student midwife.

3) I am a Legislative Liason for the Friends of Iowa Midwives, a group working towards legalization of Certified Professional Midwives in our fine state.

4) I am an avid knitter and spinner. I love all things fibery and wooly!

5) I love to garden! I am working on creating an Urban Sustainable Living setup in my yard, with rotating systems that work well together. So my backyard chickens can help fertilize my garden beds, the tilapia in the rain barrels (work in progress right now) will be able to feed us and add great plant food to the water that will nourish my plants….ect.

6) Cooking and baking are the joys of my life. I love to create wonderful meals for my family, when time allows of course 😉 I am working on making a more rotational system for this as well.

And that’s me in a nutshell! I hope to blog regarding birth and issues surrounding it, gardening, sustainable systems, and fiber crafts. I also have my own blog, started when I was 5 months pregnant and still going fairly strong 3 years later. Thanks DM! I can’t wait to *talk* more with you!


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