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Carbon Free Sugar? by sarahtar
May 14, 2009, 1:05 am
Filed under: Food

About a week ago, there were a few stories on the news about consumers starting to get a little sick of the constant “we’re green” and “it’s eco-friendly” marketing talk coming out of nearly every business on the planet these days.

And then, earlier this week, I heard what some are saying is the ultimate in “eco friendly” marketing nonsense. Domino certified “carbon free” sugar. Sugar without Carbon? That is what they are literally saying, gramatically speaking.

That is, of course, not possible, from a chemical standpoint. The molecular formula of sucrose (aka table sugar) is C12H22O11. And C = carbon.

However, apparently, what Domino means is that their production process is carbon-neutral. From their website:

The label CarbonFree® means the product’s carbon footprint is rendered neutral by cutting green house gases. And that’s a sweet thing for all of us!

Our certification is unique because our Florida-farmed products’ carbon neutrality is the result of our own production and supply of clean, renewable energy, which replaces the use of fossil fuels. Our renewable energy facility generates eco-friendly power for our sugar milling and refining operations as well as tens of thousands of homes.


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