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Des Moines urban chickens by dianabauman
May 19, 2009, 10:09 pm
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Urban chickens have been popping up in backyards throughout the metro.  Des Moines active involvement in the local food movement has the most lenient ordinances in the state for backyard chickens according to the Des Moines Register’s article, City-dwellers look to chickens for food, but some laws say no. I’m one of these people that finally bought my first flock of backyard chickens.  My five hens will provide my family 20-25 eggs a week.  Raising my own chickens is a natural procession to self sustainability.

This trend, as people like to call it, is exploding throughout our nation.  People are turning back the clock 50 years when it was the norm to see backyard chickens.  With the sludging economy and consumer awareness of the harsh realization of factory farms, people are becoming more interested in growing and raising their own food supply.  Raising backyard chickens happens to be EASY!  All you’ll need is chicken feed, a coop for shelter, roosting and nesting and a backyard filled with fresh green grass, weeds and bugs.  You’ll have nutritious farm fresh eggs in no time.  Chickens are also great with kids.  Although not the smartest animals, they do have wonderful temperaments.

Some of the benefits of raising free range hens in your backyard,

  1. They TASTE so much better! Rich orange yolk.
  2. Less Cholesterol, up to 1/3 less cholesterol than factory farmed eggs
  3. Less Saturated Fat
  4. More Vitamin A and E
  5. More Omega-3s

If you’re interested in learning more about raising backyard chickens in the metro, please visit and join the facebook group, Iowa Urban Chicken Farmers or
Diana Bauman is a Local Spanish foodie. You can view her personal blog at: A Little Bit of Spain In Iowa.


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I’m happy to hear Des Moines has lenient ordinances for chicken-keeping. Here in St. Cloud, MN they’re illegal but we have them anyway…shhh, don’t tell!

We lived for a few years in Cresco, Iowa–NE corner of your state. Loved Iowa!

Comment by Lisa Zahn

Thank you for the benefits list. It is always hard to tell people what the benefits are with good statistics. Where did you find the information? Thank you.

Comment by Iowa Turkey Farm

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