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Sarah Reid

Hi! I’m Sarah Reid. I’m a WAHM to two – a son and daughter – and I run this joint! I have lived in Des Moines since getting married in 1997, and have lived in the metro area my whole life (Winterset, then Ankeny). I’ve been “tuned in” to natural living topics since just before my first pregnancy in 2003, and it kind of sucked me in!

I blog about topics near and dear to my heart – natural parenting, gentle discipline, organic eating, and chemical-free living. I’m not perfect at any of these things, by any means, but I like to share what I know in the hopes it will help others.

I also own Wallypop: Products for Natural Parenting, which is the “parent” page of Natural Living Des Moines until it becomes self-supporting. If you’re interested in cloth diapers, baby slings, reusable floor cloths, fabric gift bags, etc., please look me up!


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Hello Sarah,

I just happened upon your site. I thought the discussion/topics were great, especially about conscious living and food. My partner and I own and operate a small, certified organic farm just west of greater Des Moines. We are available for anyone in the Des Moines area looking to connect with a farm/where their food comes from.


Comment by Rick Hartmann

Hi Sarah,

Just found your site and I’m so happy. I’m going to add you to my blog and links ASAP. I am so impressed and obviously clueless, as well. I wish I’d known about you sooner. Thanks!!!

N. of Grand

Comment by Christi


Comment by

i would like you to contact me in regards to a special project I am working on about going green. I am interested to know if you know of any other “green” groups in or around Des Moines

Comment by amy wadstrom

Hi, Amy. I need to know your email address or phone number to contact you. Please feel free to email me at sarah at wallypop dot net

Comment by sarahtar

Great blog! My husband and I are really trying to live more naturally and it’s great to know there is a network (it may be small, but it WILL grow) that we can join. Thanks!

Comment by Jenn

Hi Sarah,
I am new to this game, but would love some useful tips on how to get started. I am attempting to make our household as paperless as possible and would love wonderful ideas!


Comment by MeganH

Hi Sarah, I’m glad to have found your site! And gladly surprised to see 2 names I know–Diana and Marilyn. Anyhow, our family was called by God to move elsewhere. We have a lovely home just north of Drake we’re trying to sell. We’ve done so much both inside and outside so would love to see this house go to someone who loves to garden and appreciates the bounty of the land. We have lots of perrenial flower beds, a fenced-in organic garden with raised beds, abundance of red and black raspberries, so much blackberries that we share with others, 2 espeliar asian pear trees, 2 sweet cherry trees, stawberries, ruhbarb, and asparagus, elderberry trees… There’s 1/3 acre of land and the back is surrounded by about 10 acres of land. Is there any way we can post pictures on your site? We’re looking for urban homesteaders. Please contact us directly at 515-274-9398 or

Comment by Naomi Minahan

I found this site about 6 months ago and I love it. I read the post about new content and would love to share any experience I have.I’m a skilled bread baker . . grind my own flour and raise dent corn to grind for cornbread. I’m an organic gardener, only heirlooms, save seeds. Sustainable agriculture is my cause and I would welcome any discussion we could get going about that.

Comment by Judy Braun

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