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Diana Bauman

I was very excited when Sarah Reid invited me to be a guest blogger on NLDM!  I’m hoping to share my knowledge and experiences in Des Moines Local Food Movement as well as my venture into Urban Homesteading.  There is still a long road ahead for me, but I’m looking forward to learning more, step by step.

A little bit about me.  By day I’m a graphic/web designer.  I’m of Latino descent and a local foodie!  I’ve been organic gardening for five years. Huge advocate of our Local Food Movement.  Buy fresh/buy directly from the farmer!  In this year, I’ve been learning more and more about Urban Homesteading.  I’ve purchased my first chickens and am excited on sharing my experiences on Urban Chicken Farming.  Daughter of the Great I AM, a mom (love all things Natural Birth), a wife to a great skateboarder named Gabe and a skater at heart :) Whew… Is that it??

I’m looking forward to being a guest author on NLDM!  Thanks Sarah!

Diana Bauman is a Local Spanish foodie. You can view her personal blog at: A Little Bit of Spain In Iowa.

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Hey, I just happened upon your Blog, and have a bit of an odd question to ask you: I am a Witch, and I make a lot of potions, oils, and incense, etc. But, a lot of my mail-order resources for essential oils really stick it to their clients (ie. me) when they calculate their shipping fees! They charge by how much you spend (which tacks on a huge shipping fee), instead of by weight when they are such small bottles, anyway. I was hoping that you might be able to converse with your dellow bloggers and help me locate some local suppliers for EOs…preferrably in west Des Moines. The only supplier I am currently aware of is in downtown DSM, which makes it a rather long drive when I come in from the west-side.


Comment by Wade

Does Prairieland Herbs have what you need?

Comment by sarahtar

Unfortunately, Woodward is further away from me than driving into Des Moines! :o(

Comment by Wade

As it is for me, but if there were some place just down the street from you, I’d guess you’d already know about them. PH makes their own, so they’re sourced locally in addition to being reasonably priced and great quality. I use just a bit of advance planning to purchase several months’ worth of supplies at once, plus they’ll bring things into town during the summer for the Farmer’s Market (which, yes, is all the way downtown) or the winter during the Winter Market.

Comment by sarahtar

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