Natural Living Des Moines

Marillyn Beard

Hola! I am currently living in Costa Rica with my family. We’ve been living here as missionaries for a year now. Our second child, Tabitha, was born in Costa Rica via homebirth and we will become permanent residents in June 2009. So exciting!

Before we moved to Costa Rica, we lived in Des Moines area. I started on the road of natural living, healthy wholesome food and natural birth while I was pregnant with my first child, Naomi, in Mexico (we were missionaries there for two years). We moved back to Iowa before Naomi was born and found Dana Ericson (midwife) through a couple friends. We were blessed with a wonderful natural birth and healthy baby. A few months later, I found Teresa who heads the local Weston A. Price group called NOAH (Nourishing Organic Affectionate Homes) and learned so much from this amazing group of people.

I was stoked that Sarah asked me to be a guest blogger for NLDSM (Thanks Sarah!). I have so much to share and it is my passion to help people understand that living naturally is the way to go. Even though I am not in DSM area anymore… I am excited to share about our adventures of live naturally and organically in a foreign country. I have learned a lot of new things from the locals on natural medicine, frugal living and food that can be applied in the states. You can live naturally almost anywhere you are.

A little more about myself… I am a wife of one awesome hubby, Jon, and a mommy of two precious girls, Naomi and Tabitha. I am the daughter of Jehovah Jireh, a missionary in Costa Rica and deaf.  I am a total foodie and love trying new things.  I love horses and it is our vision to open a ranch to rescue horses and work with youth (Jon’s gift). We are currently looking for land to lease or buy.

Well, that’s me!  I am looking forward to sharing my experiences in natural/organic living.  Thanks, again, to Sarah.


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